I'm a journalist.

I produce content for Fox5NY.com and related social media platforms of WNYW in New York City. I have also been a freelance writer and editor.

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24ind4a article

Saris and Spices: The Changing Face of New York

Recently, Nitin Vora took an order on telephone from Unni Krishnan for a VCR. Vora filled out the invoice and had the VCR taken out of stock and packed for pickup by UPS. From Jackson Heights, New York, the package wound its way across the United States and over the Pacific to reach its destination: Krishnan's house in Honolulu, Hawaii.


An Indian Jew in the Big Apple

Florence Manglani recently asked her Hindu husband Arjun if he had known that she was Jewish when he first met her. He told her that yes, he had known, though it would not have been too surprising if he hadn't, since Jewish people were not too easy to find in India in the 1950s, and are even less so today.

23spec3 article

Down The Road With Huien Tsang

Not too long ago, Richard Bernstein was trying to figure out what he could do to "get away from it all".